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The Mentoring Series

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Mentoring A to Z: 70 topics to grow your relationships


     This second edition is packed with time-tested insights, case studies, quizzes and more based on real life.

     Here's the lightning-strike view--the topics range from Action Plans and Relationship Turn-arounds to Unwritten Rules. Ideal for all levels of experience. Click the 70 Topics link for details.


Making A Case


     A varied collection of case studies drawn from real life mentoring situations. In four parts along with exercises, inventories and the like. According to users, all the material is very helpful.

PART ONE – Warming up
1- Six helpful definitions -
2- Is this mentoring? Five scenarios from real life
3- Four capsule cases
4 -Card exercise: roles mentors play
5 -Before, During and After Mentoring Inventory—Evaluate your mentoring partnership



Best Kept Mentoring Secrets


Covered via five "themes" this book contains insightful material to help you get even more out of what is described as: "the most complex of relationships".

  1. The Power of Myth & The Myth of Power

  2. On Change

  3. Time for Mentoring

  4. Fast Forward on Learning

  5. Bad Decisions


Self-Directed Mentoring


Targeted material from an experienced program designer, workshop leader & educator. You need to know how SD mentoring really works.

Contents include:

  1. Planning to fail

  2. The IDEAL mentor

  3. Psychodynamics of influence, Persuasion,

  4. 7 Little-known Principles

  5. Unwritten Rules

  6. The Telemachus Effect

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