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Some elevating fiction...

  Book #1

Cooking Up a Story

Enjoy wholesome romance and comedy? Cats and dogs? Sly villains? Cooking contests? Lots of money up for grabs? If you say "Yes" to one or more of these questions, then Cooking Up a Story is definitely for you.

Story premise:

  Throw five famous authors, who can't boil water, into a high-stakes cooking contest and watch what happens. Winning's as good as Culinary Olympics multiplied by Pulitzer Prize, all rolled into one! 

  Enter Faith Jordan whose life is strangely turned upside down in the space of 48 hours. Goaded into action, she weighs whether to come out of hiding and compete. She is, after all, a former best-seller author. 

  Minor detail: seems all contestants have been chosen. No room for Faith and her many talents. Get past those impossible hurdles and she will be forced to compete against a former rival now soaring in the book world stratosphere.

  All of the above are just a few ingredients in the tale. Head to your favorite online store, buy your copy and find out what's been stirred into the pot. You won't be disappointed! This novel's laced with comedy, romance, and suspense.

  To read an excerpt, kiss the lips and enjoy!

Book # 2 - coming soon...

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