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TimeTrap excerpt

TimeTrap: The OverLand Trek   This excerpt is from the first lines of the novella.

  Like all other parts of TimeTrap, it is intended for enrichment purposes, to spur creativity, even expand intriguing investigation into STEM knowledge. If you don't solve the almost-everyday problems that crop up in the story, you might not survive! And this is all because you made a stupid mistake...

  Think of the possibilities of doing more than static reading! You don't need any excuses to investigate topics since you are part and parcel of all this: in the novella's first few lines, you see mention of the year 2579, a vortex, a spaceship's manual (hinting at all that it might contain), a crew of eight--but eight humans or what?, the fourth dimension, a place called Namerica, and more.

  If you don't want to be enriched in a way you've never experienced, turn around now and try to escape before you get sucked in!

It is the year 2579 when we join the adventurers.


Space travel day 5—

Personal LogBook entry—

06:55 AM ship’s time/Namerica Earthtime


  Like all bad ideas, it sounded perfect at the time.

  Don’t waste your time guessing what happened ‘cause it’s far worse than you can imagine. For example, you think being half-swallowed by a maverick vortex is the worst that can happen? Nope. Not true. Not by a long shot. 

  So here I am, one of the crew of eight—half-gobbled into the fourth dimension, slipping one degree at a time, out of control, no idea what to do since what we did isn’t covered in the Ship’s Manual. I listen as another piece rips off our spaceship. 

  None of us know ‘where’ we are in Space or ‘when’ we are in Time. So, for as long as our crew survives, it’s one of my jobs to record events for you. My expectation is you’ll read our record, take heed and do a decent mop-up job—that is, unless we survive. Then, of course, you can put this in File 13. Right?

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