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TimeTrap: The OverLand Trek
(this excerpt of the first lines from Chapter One  is intended for enrichment purposes only: if you don't want to be enriched, don't read it!)

Day 1
It is the year 2579 when we join the adventurers
2579 space travel day 5—Personal LogBook entry—06:55 AM ship’s time

Like all bad ideas, it sounded perfect at the time. It’s just that being sucked to the absolute edge wasn’t part of the game plan. Neither was a dangling in a reallyyyy nasty Space-Time Vortex where the normal laws of physics probably don’t apply. In a panic, we pressed all the buttons—including at least one wrong one. Blam!
Don’t waste your time guessing what happened ‘cause it’s far worse than you can imagine.
    So here I am, one of the crew—not that any of us know ‘where’ or ‘when’ we are—half-gobbled into the fourth dimension, slipping one degree at a time, out of control, no idea what to do since what we did isn’t covered in The Manual. I listen as another piece rips off our spaceship.


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