My Fiction Portfolio

Cooking Up A Story_cover.png

A sophisticated blend--

romance, comedy & intrigue

--just what you ordered !

Story premise: To all appearances, Faith Jordan is an ordinary college instructor in small town Washington state. In reality, she ran from her high-profile NYC life after her fiancé was killed. Faith is tracked down by her former book editor just as she quietly launches new career directions. He wants her to return to the spotlight. Reluctantly, she agrees to attend a literary conference with him, but only if she can remain anonymous.

The event is a disaster. Faith clashes twice with her editor’s new partner—Jason Treadwell—a dishy 30-something bachelor she considers “paparazzi-fodder”. She learns her former rival is soaring in the bookworld stratosphere. Worse yet, the woman’s one of only six in a global television contest for writers who can’t cook. Winning would be like having a Culinary Olympic gold medal awarded on Celebrity Chef. Does this confirm Faith’s better off hidden away? Not a bit! Goaded, Faith vows to be in the elite event no matter what. And, as for Jason, she's sure he's out of her life. Now as to the idea of leaving her quiet life and going back to writing...hmmm... what to do?